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What They Are Saying About Frank S. Turner

“Frank S. Turner served as my special assistant for over five years. He understands the issues facing people in their jobs and communities.” -- The Honorable Barbara A. Mikulski, U.S. Senator

“Frank S. Turner has a proven track record of strong leadership. His dedication has resulted in major improvement in education, health care and business opportunity.” -- George Doetsch, President and CEO, Apple Ford, Columbia

“Frank S. Turner has been a strong and effective supporter of education at all levels and his continued support is vital." -- District 13 Resident, Dr. Clarence Porter, retired Vice President and Provost, Montgomery College-Takoma Park Campus

“Frank S. Turner has a provided a strong and effective voice for District 13 and all of Maryland.” -- District 13 Resident Ray Gillian, retired Associate Vice-Provost, John Hopkins University

"Turner is an adept legislator on the correct side of many issues in Annapolis" -- Columbia Flier

"Frank S. Turner and Shane Pendergrass have been responsive to their communities. Mr Turner is rising in the ranks of the House Appropriation Committee." -- Baltimore Sun

"The delegate race among Democrats is an intriguing one, with hard-working, qualified incumbents and a fourth candidate, who is one of the county's best-known elected officials, competing for three slots. Our choices: Del. Shane Pendergrass, whose integrity, intelligence and years of service make endorsing her easy; Del. Frank Turner, an experienced, competent lawmaker who has looked out for his district with care; and County Council member Guy Guzzone, who in eight years on the County Council has emerged as a thoughtful, creative and effective public servant." -- Laurel Leader